Pipe Sizes – WL102, WL104, WL116, WL130, WL130M


Conduit Pipe Sizes – WL134, WL135, WL136


Pressure Rating – WL102, WL118


Temperature – WL118


Surge Pressure – WL104, WL118


Vacuum – WL118


Pipe Material – WL106, WL106C, WL123


Compressed Air – WL112, WL118


Natural Gas – WL116, WL118, WL129


Oil, Liquid Hydrocarbons – WL116, WL118


Installation – WL101, WL113


Joining – WL101


Submittals – WL117


Pipe Standards – WL116


Model Spec – WL110 [MS Word]





WL101 - Joining and Field Procedures for Pipe


WL 102 - IPS Pipe Sizes & Ratings - PE4710/PE3608/PE3408


WL 102G - Natural Gas Pipe Sizes & Ratings


WL 103 - Camcore™


WL 104 - DIPS (DIOD) Pressure Class Pipe


WL 105 - Striped


WL 106 - PE4710 Pipe Compound


WL 106C - PE4710/PE100 Pipe Compound


WL 108 - Shipping Data (Contact WL Plastics Customer Service for Shipping Information)


WL 110 - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe and Fittings [MS Word]


WL111 - Unloading Guidelines for WL Plastics Polyethylene Pipe


WL111A - Handling WL Plastics Reeled Pipe


WL112 - Frequently Asked Questions


WL 113 - Burial Guidelines


WL 115 - PE4710 Water Pipe


WL 116 - Pipe Standards


WL 117 - Submittal Documents


WL 118 - Pressure Rating


WL 122 - WL Plastics PE4710 Performance


WL 123 - High-Performance PE4710


WL 125 - Terms and Conditions of Sale


WL 129 - Material & Gas Distribution Sizes


WL 130 - FM Approved Pipe (WL 130M Metric)


WL 131 - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


WL134 - Smoothwall Conduit Product Overview, Technical
Information and Manufacturing Locations


WL135 - Smoothwall Conduit Sizes


WL136 - UL Listed Sizes






ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Made in America Letter


PHMSA Ruling on Gas Pipe Letter



Camcore DIPS Specifications


Camcore IPS Specifications


PE 4710 Specifications


ASTM Standards


Order through ASTM at www.astm.org


ASTM D2321 - Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe for Sewers and Other Gravity-Flow Applications


ASTM D2774 - Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pressure Piping


ASTM F1417 - Installation Acceptance of Plastic Gravity Sewer Lines Using Low-Pressure Air


ASTM F2164 - Field Leak Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Piping Systems Using Hydrostatic Pressure



AWWA Standards


Order through AWWA at www.awwa.org


AWWA C651 - Disinfecting Water Mains


AWWA M 55 - PE Pipe - Design and Installation



AWWA C901 Compliance Notice



Publicaciones en Español


WL101 - Procedimientos de unión y campo de tuberías


WL102 - Tamaños de tuberías IPS y regímenes de presión - PE3608/PE3408


WL106 - Compuesto de tubería PE4710


WL111 - Instrucciones para descargar tubos de polietileno


WL118 - Regímen de Presión


WL123 - Alto rendimiento PE4710


WL125 - Términos y condiciones de venta de wl plastics


WL130 - Tubería PE4710 aprobada por FM


M - Tubería PE4710 aprobada por FM


WL131 - Hoja de datos de seguridad



PPI Publications


Download free from www.plasticpipe.org



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