WL Plastics High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) municipal water piping is manufactured to strict AWWA, ASTM, and NSF industry standards to provide decades of safe, trouble-free operation. Used in potable water applications since the 1970s, HDPE pipe is the fastest growing material used for transporting drinking water due to its tough, resilient properties.


This trench-less technology is lightweight, leak-proof and chemical resistant. Low temperatures do not cause failure and there’s no damaging effects from freezing and thawing. The superior flow characteristics of HDPE pipe maintains optimum flow rates which reduces your pumping costs. HDPE has exceptional surge tolerance, which means safe operation at higher flows and velocities, no thrust blocks and no loss of treated water. Heat fused joints reduce installation time and ensure a leak proof system, which results in cost savings to you. Thrust restraints are not required, resulting in even more savings.


And WL Plastics HDPE pipe meets AWWA standards C-906, C-901 and NSF standard 61 for drinking water. Most importantly, the durability and integrity of HDPE pipe makes it the permanent choice for your application and the cost effective choice for your application.