Oil & Gas Gathering with Polyethylene Pipe

WL Plastics’ high density polyethylene (HDPE) PE4710 pipe is the ideal solution for oil & gas gathering applications due to its leak-free joints, durability, cost-effectiveness, lightweight properties, and its resistance to hydrocarbon permeation. This allows PE4710 pipe to last longer than alternative metallic pipe materials without the need for coatings, corrosion prevention treatments and constant repairs. HDPE pipe is inherently resistant to chemical attack and corrosion, which eliminates the risk leakage. The interior of PE4710 pipe is smooth which reduces oil and gas ability to build up on the pipe surface over time.

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Polyethylene pipe has been a proven solution in oil & gas gathering applications for over 35 years. Polyethylene pipe is the most cost effective solution to move process water, frac water, and produced oil & gas mediums. WL Plastic’s PE4710 pipe solutions are the next evolution of HDPE piping systems with improved physical properties, pressure ratings, and durability.

At WL Plastics, our HDPE PE4710 pipe is manufactured on the newest, and most efficient production equipment in the industry and to strict quality standards in accordance with API specification 15LE, ASTM D2513, and ASTM F2619. As a leading high density polyethylene pipe manufacturer, WL Plastics has 800 million lbs of annual pipe production capacity spread across 8 facilities with large storage yards strategically located throughout the United States to ensure cost effective, on-time delivery for our customer’s large projects.

Why Use HDPE for Oil and Gas Gathering?

HDPE PE4710 pipe provides many advantages over metallic pipe, other plastic pipe, or tanker trucking of process water/oil & gas when investing in your oil & gas gathering piping system. Some of the benefits of PE4710 pipe include:

  • Chemical Resistance. PE4710 pipe resists UV degradation, doesn’t rust and won’t corrode over time. This makes the piping material ideal for outdoor applications or applications that include constant contact with water, H2S gas, and other fluids. Polyethylene is resistant to damage caused by contact with salts, alkalis, and most acids. PE4710 pipe can also handle a wide variety of organic solvents and pH ranges.
  • Cost-Effective. While carbon steel and composite pipe are common in oil & gas applications, they are expensive. Carbon steel has a high upfront cost due to the weight of the material, transportation costs, and coatings. HDPE PE4710 pipe is rapidly becoming the material of choice for safe, cost effective piping for high temperature oil & gas gathering systems.
  • Leak-free joints. HDPE PE4710 pipes are heat fused together to create a monolithic leak-free pipe system. The heat fused joints are as strong as the pipe itself. This leak-free system reduces the chance of environmental impacts due to loss of containment of oils, gases, or produced water.
  • Flow Rate. PE4710 pipe’s low coefficient of friction allows for a very high flow rate. Not only does the smooth surface increase flow, but it reduces drag and turbulent flow. This results into more efficient pumping and reduces pumping cost in your system.
  • Temperature Resistance. PE4710 pipe has a long-term temperature resistance of up to 140°F, but it can temporarily manage temperatures of up to 180°F without damage.

HDPE Pipe From WL Plastics

WL Plastics provides a range of options in our HDPE PE4710 pipe for use in the oil & gas industry. These options include:

  • Bimodal PE4710 composition
  • Sizing from 3/4 inches to 54 inches (IPS)
  • Pressure ratings up to 500 psi
  • Barcoding capabilities on production lines to meet ASTM F2897
  • Full tracking and traceability of products
  • Optional striping colors available

Learn more about the advantages of polyethylene pipe from WL Plastics:

Choose WL Plastics for Polyethylene Pipe for Oil and Gas Gathering

WL Plastics’ HDPE PE4710 pipe is a leak-free, durable, non-reactive material that is the ideal solution for oil & gas gathering systems. To learn more about our products and services or to get started on your oil & gas gathering pipe solution, contact WL Plastics today.

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