Sioux Falls Case Study

July 1, 2024

Sioux Falls has introduced a pioneering approach to infrastructure rehabilitation, setting a new standard in efficiency and sustainability. Confronted with a critical challenge concerning its aging sewer force main infrastructure, the city took proactive measures. It embraced innovation by adopting a sustainable method to address the deterioration of its 36-inch ductile iron (DI) sewer force main.

This case study highlights the problem, solution, and process that illustrate the success and effectiveness of the Sioux Falls sewer force main rehabilitation project.

Infrastructure Challenge: Aging Sewer Force Main in Sioux Falls

The City of Sioux Falls faced a significant challenge with its 36-inch Ductile Iron (DI) sewer force main, which had deteriorated over time. The aging pipeline was prone to leaks and potential failures, posing a risk to the community and the environment. The city needed a reliable, cost-effective solution to rehabilitate the pipeline without extensive excavation and disruption.

Innovative Solution: Trenchless Rehabilitation With WL Plastics

The City of Sioux implemented a trenchless rehabilitation method using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, specifically PE4710, supplied by WL Plastics. This approach provided several innovative advantages:

Superior Material Quality

WL Plastics’ HDPE pipe was chosen for its strength, flexibility, and durability. PE4710 HDPE pipe is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion, making it ideal for sewer force main rehabilitation.

Reduction Die Technique

The HDPE pipe was pulled through a reduction die, which temporarily compressed the pipe to a smaller diameter. This process allowed the pipe to be easily inserted into the existing 36-inch DI pipe without requiring extensive excavation.

Compression Fit Installation

Once inside the existing DI pipe, the HDPE pipe expanded to form a tight compression fit against the interior walls of the old pipeline. This created a new, durable liner within the existing infrastructure, effectively rehabilitating the pipeline without the need for complete replacement.

Minimized Disruption

The trenchless method minimized excavation, reducing community and environmental disruption. It also minimized traffic diversions and noise pollution, which preserved residents’ and local businesses’ quality of life. Additionally, it expedited project timelines, swiftly restoring normal traffic flow and community access to affected areas.

Long-Term Reliability

Utilizing WL Plastics’ high-quality HDPE pipe, the City of Sioux secured a long-term, dependable solution for its sewer force main. This rehabilitation is anticipated to significantly extend the pipeline’s service life, ensuring ongoing reliability and sustained performance.

Rehabilitation Process: From Planning to Implementation

The following details the step-by-step process undertaken by the City of Sioux, from assessment and planning to the finalization of the rehabilitation project:

1. Assessment and Planning

The project began by thoroughly assessing the condition of the existing pipeline and the surrounding area. A detailed plan was developed to ensure minimal disruption to the community and environment.

2. Preparation

The existing DI pipeline was cleaned and prepared to insert the HDPE liner. This included removing any debris and ensuring the interior surface was smooth.

3. HDPE Pipe Installation via Compression Fit

The HDPE pipe was pulled through a reduction die, which compressed it to fit through the DI pipe. Once in place, the HDPE pipe expanded to form a tight compression fit against the interior of the DI pipeline.

4. Finalization

The ends of the new HDPE liner were securely connected to the existing pipeline infrastructure. The system was then tested to ensure a proper seal and functionality.

Future-Proof Your Sewer Systems With WL Plastics’ HDPE Pipe Technology!

At WL Plastics, we understand the importance of effectively addressing aging infrastructure challenges. Our HDPE pipe insertion offers a cost-effective, durable, and minimally invasive solution, ensuring the continued reliability of sewer force mains.

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