Quality Assurance

WL Plastics statement of quality commitment

i. To manufacture products that meet or exceed acceptable quality and product standards to ensure customer satisfaction.
ii. To pursue continuous improvements and best practices in our business processes, by setting, reviewing and communicating our objectives.
iii. To ensure that all personnel are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities within the Quality System.

WL Plastics ensures that our products meet or exceed all requirements by making a commitment to quality, taking the time to train staff correctly, and having the support from the senior management team to make good decisions.
WL Plastics holds several certifications including NSF, UL, and FM Approvals, and we are registered to ISO 9001:2015. All WL Plastics locations are audited on a regular basis for each registration, and additionally are subject to internal audits.
WL Plastics Quality and Engineering group prides themselves on providing fast and informative responses to customer inquiries to ensure each customer has the information they need to feel confident in their purchase.

WL Plastics Quality Program Overview
• Initial material quality check on every railcar before it is downloaded to the silo.
• First level of QC occurs on the line as the pipe is in production, watching machine conditions and dimensions to ensure compliance
• Second level of QC occurs on the plant floor once again when supervisors and QA staff complete random inspections and review all records.
• Third level of QC occurs in a hold area where all production is reviewed once again by QA staff and a final inspection occurs.
• Testing of pipe to all applicable requirements and standards is completed throughout production runs and upon completion of the order
• Shipping staff is trained to look for and reject damage that may have occurred in storage or while loading.