HDPE Pipe Sizes

March 17, 2021

At WL Plastics, we manufacture high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping in sizes ranging from ¾” to 54” diameters. Depending on the application and required specifications, or HDPE pipes come in IPS, CTS, DIPS, and SIDR sizes.


HDPE Pipe Sizes From WL Plastics

We carry a range of pipe sizes to suit various applications. The following resources are helpful when selecting the right pipe size for a specific application:

WL 102. This size chart lists the IPS (Iron Pipe Size) pipe sizes and pressure class ratings for our HDPE 4710 pipe with IPS sizes ranging from ¾” to 54”.

WL 104. This size chart lists the DIPS (Ductile Iron Pipe Size) and DIOD (Ductile Iron Outside Diameter) pipe sizes and pressure class ratings for our PE4710 pipe. The chart includes DIPS sizes ranging from 4 to 36.

WL 116. This PDF provides helpful information about WL Plastics pipe standards. It includes tables with outer diameter (OD) size and dimension ratio (DR) for piping in various industries.

WL 129. This document provides IPS and CTS (Copper Tubing Size) sizes for gas distribution piping per ASTM D2513.

WL 130. This resource provides IPS and DIPS pipe sizes for Class 200, 250, and 335 PE4710 FM Approved Pipe, including IPS sizes ranging from 2 to 36 and DIPS sizes ranging from 4 to 36.

WL 130M. This PDF lists the metric pipe sizes available for Class 200 (13.8), 250 (17.2), and 335 (23.1) PE4710 FM Approved Pipe, with metric sizes ranging from 50 to 1000.

WL 135. This publication shows available HDPE conduit sizes in IPS and SIDR (Standard Inside Diameter Ratios).

What Is IPS Pipe?

Different Sizes of HDPE Pipe Iron pipe size, or IPS, is the original pipe sizing system from the early 19th century. IPS is still the predominant sizing system used in most industries including oil and gas gathering, gas distribution, mining, and some potable water and waste water applications.

What Is DIPS Pipe?

Ductile iron pipe size, or DIPS, was created in 1948 when iron pipe wall thicknesses were more controllable and a required inside diameter (ID) could be maintained. The DIPS pipe sizing system is the predominant sizing system used in potable water and sewer applications still today.

What Is CTS Pipe?

Copper Tubing Size, or CTS, are used for small diameter tubing applications such as gas distribution services, or potable water services.

What Is SIDR Pipe?

Standard Inside Diameter Ratios, or SIDR, are predominantly used in conduit applications where a consistent ID is required. While SIDR pipe is available for potable water applications, it is rarely sold and is being phased out. It was recently removed from AWWA C901 in their 2020 revision.

What Is SDR and DR?

The standard dimensional ratio, or SDR, describes the geometry of a pipe. It compares the nominal OD to the pipe’s minimum wall thickness. If the SDR is high, that means the walls of the pipe are thinner at any given diameter. The DR, or dimension ratio, is a term that is interchangeable with SDR. The have the same definition which can sometimes cause confusion.

<Find out how to measure SDR.>

What Are OD and ID?

The majority of HDPE pipe produced is controlled by the outside diameter and wall thickness tolerances. This results in an “average ID”, but it will vary with OD and wall thickness tolerances. The less common ID controlled pipe has a specified inside diameter and wall thickness tolerance. This results in a pipe with an OD that will vary with ID and wall thickness tolerances.

HDPE Pipe from WL Plastics

Our high-performance HDPE piping solutions offer reliable and durable performance for industries such as wastewater, potable water, mining, oil and gas gathering, natural gas distribution, and more. As a leading polyethylene pipe manufacture, our pipes are manufactured in accordance with strict industry standards using high-quality materials. With best-in-class manufacturing processes, a team of experienced personnel, and dedication to continuous improvements, WL Plastics is the ideal solution for your HDPE piping needs.

For more information about our HDPE pipe sizes, or to get started on your piping solution, contact us today.