A Piping Solution for Potable Water - HDPE Pipe

In use in potable water applications since the 1960s, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has become the ideal material for piping systems used to transport drinking water. As a tough and resilient material capable of lasting 100 years or more with minimal maintenance, HDPE pipe has proven to be superior to many other piping materials as a means transporting and distributing potable water. HDPE pipe’s long service life and low maintenance costs, coupled with its’ ability to be installed with a variety of trench-less technologies leads to HDPE pipe having the lowest life cycle costs of any potable water piping system.

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At WL Plastics, all of our HDPE piping for water systems is designed and manufactured in compliance with the most stringent industry standards, including American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards C-901 and C-906, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards D-3035 and F-714, and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards 61 and 14/pw.

Is HDPE Pipe Suitable for Water Supply?

HDPE pipe is well-suited for potable water supply applications. Beneficial properties of HDPE piping systems include:

  • Leak-free Fused Joints. Fused joints eliminate potential leak points and reduce installation time. The heat-fused joints are as strong as the pipes themselves, leading to long-term, leak-free operation with little-to-no maintenance required.
  • Chemical Resistance. In potable water applications, it’s essential that chemicals will not leach from the piping material into the water. Studies show that HDPE pipes are safe for potable water applications and WL Plastics’ products are certified by NSF on an annual basis. Disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramine are approved for use in HDPE pipe. HPDE pipe will not corrode or tuberculate, maintaining flow velocities over the life span of the system.
  • Durability and Flexibility. Unlike more brittle piping materials such as PVC and ductile iron, HDPE pipe is a more durable and flexible pipe material with a bend radius up to 20 times the pipe diameter. This allows the HDPE pipe to conform to an imperfect installation path without the need to add costly fittings and excessive pipe joints.
  • Extreme Surge Tolerance. HDPE pipes are the most resistant to surge and fatigue of any potable water piping systems. HDPE pipe can handle occasional surges up to 2 times its’ pressure rating, and recurring surges up to 1.5 times its’ pressure rating with no risk of stress damage to the pipe. HDPE pipe can handle much higher flow velocities which result in lower pressure surges compared to other potable water piping systems.
  • Temperature Resistance. HDPE pipe can handle fluid and environmental temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F, making HDPE water pipe suitable for use with hot or cold water in many different environments. HDPE pipe can handle repeated freeze/thaw cycles without incurring damage to the pipe.
  • Installation. HDPE pipe is cheaper to install than other potable water piping systems. With its’ narrower trench widths and its ability to be installed with trench-less technologies (directional drilling, pipe bursting, slip-lining, and compression fit lining), making HDPE pipe the most commonly used piping material for trenchless installations. Compared to other installation methods, trench-less installations reduce disturbances to surrounding environments and greatly reduce the amount of construction restoration, leading to a cost savings up to 65%.

HDPE Water Pipe From WL Plastics

At WL Plastics, we offer the following HDPE water pipe options:

  • 3/4″ to 54″ diameters with pressure ratings up to 335 psi
  • Blue color stripe for easy identification
  • IPS, DIPS, SIDR and CTS sizes
  • Solid blue CTS for water service tubing and SIDR for water wells
  • FM-approved capabilities
  • Products manufactured to strict industry standards: AWWA, NSF, ASTM

HDPE pipe is the ideal piping solution for public and private potable water systems. HDPE pipe features a service life of over 100 years and has the versatility to perform in a variety of conditions. HDPE pipe provides a logical, low-maintenance investment in municipal and private potable water applications.

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